Having a party, someone special dropping over? Want to make a really fast and easy cocktail? Become the hit of the party and serve your friends Alabama Slammers, Electric Popsicles, and many more Club favourites. These are one-of-a-kind recipes, guaranteed to please everyone... tried and tested by thousands of customers we’ve served over the years!
Have unexpected friends or family show up? No problem! Serve quick and easy Cocktails for those unannounced guests! Of course, it is the weekend …take a moment to bring some good cheer into your day. Give yourself and your friends’ spectacular looking cocktails, inspired by our own cocktail recipes. Try our Five Star recipes: Horney Alligator, Killer Kool-Aid, and Fuzzy Banana-- we have them all!
A collection of simple recipes-- no fancy stuff required, no shakers, no strainers, no blender, no measuring cups, just easy peasy! Let me say that again, easy peasy! If you are looking for that perfect “Jaw Dropping Cocktail,” you are reading the right book! Looking to impress, then let us do the rest! We have the best cocktail recipes anywhere! We share our Top Secret recipes with you.

Calling all pet owners, here is a collection of simple recipes made with the best wholesome ingredients for your four legged family member. Learn how to make Grain-Free dog and cat treats with no artificial preservatives or byproducts. Bring back the all-natural home baking to your pets meals. Let’s keep our pets healthy with a complete and balanced diet. If you are looking for alternatives recipes to help your pet with allergies or upset stomach or diarrhea issues, this book is for you. Your pets need the best ingredients to maintain a healthy long life! A apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

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