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Diary of Stink Dog

Mommy 1 reviewed Diary of Stink Dog!
 Fun early readers book February 1, 2013
While hunkered down waiting out Green Monkey's Flu B quarantine, we sat together and read this hilarious book. It's a quirky adventure of one mighty stinky dog. As you can imagine anything that centers around fart jokes is going to be a hit with 2 little boys. Not to gender-bias this at all, since all children will be giggling as he learns to use his special gifts. In a round about way he learns that just being himself is pretty special. Perhaps he can even solve the world's energy problem.

My monkeys giggled through every sound effect as I read. Green monkey loved the illustrations of burp boy as they reminded him of Johnny Test. Blue monkey said it was funny that Stink dog tooted all the time. The book is 50 pages long with lots of illustrations, perfect for early readers in 1st or 2nd grade.
 Puppy and Me! The DOS and the Don'ts 

 Puppy and Me! December 12, 2012
I saw the preview of the book and it is really entertaining. The illustrations are brilliant and the comic style is quite attractive. I have also been impressed by Elaine's biography, especially the part about her community concerns and social work, including love of and care for children. I am sure kids, their older siblings as well as their parents will enjoy the moral of her book/s. Such emotionally intelligent books should be highly appreciated.


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