Writing eBooks for Amazon Kindle

Posted by Ephillips on August 1, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Writing and illustrating eBooks was just a dream I had about a year ago and guess what, I did it! Let me take you back in time when I was given this remarkable Christmas gift, all wrapped up in pretty pink paper and an enormous bow. Thrilled and excited, I quickly unwrapped this gift and behold this amazing Amazon Kindle, sparkled in my very own hands! Let me say this again, the Kindle, in my very own hands! Excited about my new gift, I went online and soon discovered that this little electronic device was capable of transforming my favourite books within seconds, any time and any location, in front of me. I was hooked and an instant fan. Realizing that there were also many added green benefits of owning this electronic device, I choose to go paperless forever, I love my trees!

Later, after a few months of having my Kindle, I soon discovered that Amazon encouraged new authors to upload their eBooks to the Amazon site and while still maintaining ownership of their ebooks. Excited about this great opportunity, I began writing my first children eBook with a green message for Amazon Kindle, Diary of Stink Dog. Little did I know that in a one year time, I would have six eBooks on Amazon Kindle? I soon discovered that my e-book Thirsty’s Easy Cocktails ranked in May, number fourteen, on the Kindle site! People were actually downloading my ebooks, I was excited and flabbergasted!

Realizing that writing affordable eBooks for Amazon Kindle was my passion and a new-found opportunity, that I loved doing! Let’s just think about this for a moment, writing ebooks that in some way gives a positive green message, or will help our environment in some beneficial way, I was in! Hopefully helping our next generation understand the benefits of recycling or other environmental issues, yet with added element of laughter! Recycled Stink is one of my children’s ebook about the benefits of recycling, which I hope will help in some way.

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