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Elaine M Phillips


 Hello everyone, I am an author and artist, I am passionate about creating relaxing and fun colouring pages and tee's to go. Join me, independent author as I introduce you to my world, art, colouring and peace. Sit back ...take a deep breath, inhale and yes kick off your shoes. Grab a crayon or marker and float into my world of dreamy colours.My world is pretty simple, sit back and chill, take a moment from your busy life and live, love and colour.

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Let me introduce you to my new line of colour me T-shirts and dresses. One of a kind designs and decals from my popular adult colouring books ( Grab a fabric marker and colour your way into comfy wear. I have created ultimate unique gift, add your own colour to my Colour Me T-shirts and Dresses. Stand out from the crowd and be yourself!

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